Viber gets convenient folders for chats and channels

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Rakuten Viber is launching chat folders. The new feature allows users to quickly find important conversations and conveniently organize chats and channels in the app.

How to create folders

The folder feature allows users to create up to five custom folders in addition to the All tab, which automatically includes all chats and channels. Now you can create separate folders for chats with friends, family, work chats, or chats with neighbors, and separate folders for news channels.

The number of chats and channels in one folder is unlimited. You can also add one chat or channel to several folders at once. Users can name folders as they see fit and mark all chats and channels in a folder as read in a couple of clicks, making it easy to read and manage.

Viber gets convenient folders for chats and channels

Why do you need folders in Rakuten Viber?

Rakuten Viber is the most popular communication app in Ukraine, so folders will help Ukrainians save time and manage chats based on priorities. Saving all chats from colleagues in a folder called “work” will make it easier to manage tasks during the work week. During the weekend, the “friends” or “family” folders can be checked first, leaving work chats until Monday.

An unread icon with a number on the folder name indicates the number of unread chats and channels in that folder. You can add all private chats, group chats, channels, and communities to folders. Note the following restrictions: chats hidden by PINs and messages from companies cannot be included in folders.

“Messengers play a crucial role in people’s daily lives, which is why Rakuten Viber is adding a folder feature to the app. This feature is designed to improve the communication experience and help people stay in touch while saving their time,” said Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

Testing the function

The feature is currently in testing and will gradually become available to all Rakuten Viber users with version 22.0 and higher over the coming months. Users with more than 10 chats that already have the feature will see an announcement about the availability of folders when they open the app.

You can also activate folders by going to the More tab on the main chat screen, selecting Manage folders, and adding the necessary chats and channels to the folders.


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