Ukraine presents a plan for the development of open data

Open Data Day

The presentation was made at the annual Open Data Day event dedicated to the role of open data in the development of a democratic society.

In recent years, Ukraine has been a leader in the development of open data in Europe. More than 7 million Ukrainians use open data products and services every month. During wartime, access to some registers was temporarily restricted, but work on open data did not stop.

віцепрем’єр-міністр з інновацій, розвитку освіти, науки та технологій, міністр цифрової трансформації України Михайло Федоров

Open data in times of war

Open data is an effective tool for overcoming the challenges of war and effective recovery management. This was stated by Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is the only country in the world that develops open data in times of war. In recent years, we have become one of the three European leaders in this area. For the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, working in this area is a priority. Open data helps to monitor the reconstruction process by providing citizens with access to information on funding, stages, and management of reconstruction projects,” he said.

This ensures openness and transparency in the process of rebuilding the country after the war. At the same time, open data helps to create the most effective strategies, taking into account the real needs and wishes of the population.

Мстислав Банік, директор департаменту розвитку електронних послуг Міністерства цифрової трансформації України

Open data work plan

To maintain the pace of development in this area, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has developed a plan for working with open data in the coming years. The vision was presented at Open Data Day 2024 by Mstyslav Banik, Director of the Department for the Development of Electronic Services at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and Yanina Lyubyva, Open Data Expert at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The plan contains five strategic areas: implementation of the national open data policy, work on the security aspect during martial law, modernization of national and local portals, and improvement of data quality and accessibility and skills in working with them. Among the main tasks, the Ministry of Digital Transformation emphasizes:

  • approval of the national strategy for the development of open data;
  • Amendments to legislation on data standardization, approval of high-value data sets;
  • harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European one;
  • Coordination with the law enforcement agencies and the Ombudsman’s Office to find optimal solutions for data disclosure;
  • restoring access to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations, and tax reporting;
  • opening the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property;
  • introducing an updated methodology for conducting the three-part test to achieve a balance between national security and openness;
  • creating an ecosystem of education in the field of open data;
  • updating the architecture and functionality of the national open data portal.

By 2026, the Ministry of Digital Transformation plans to add about 100 new datasets that are mandatory for publication, conduct training for 5,000 civil servants, 200 journalists, and students from more than 10 higher education institutions, and provide grant support to 15 open data services.

Мінцифра планує додати близько 100 нових обовʼязкових до оприлюднення наборів даних

Fighting corruption

In addition, through the use of open data and products based on it, the Ukrainian state improves the transparency of government agencies and prevents corruption schemes.

“Open Data Day, which the world celebrates today, reminds us of the key role that data plays in strengthening democracy around the world. In this aspect, Ukraine is a true leader. The cooperation of the government, society, business, and international partners in Ukraine shows how open data can work for the benefit of society,” said Theodora Dell, Deputy Mission Director for USAID Ukraine.


Ensuring access to public information also affects the development of digital products based on open data. Today, more than 100 existing open data services help Ukrainians check business partners, receive free medicines and medical services, safely invest in real estate, and more.

“For eight years, we have been supporting the development of the open data sector in Ukraine, including startups that integrate open data into their products. Every year, thanks to our support programs, new services appear that improve the lives of Ukrainians, minimize corruption risks, and help overcome the challenges of war,” says Stefan Kossoff, Director of Development at the British Embassy.

According to him, over the past two years alone, eight teams developing open data products have received about $240,000 in grant support. New opportunities are now open for tech businesses to develop products that will have social benefit and help Ukraine in its recovery and reconstruction.”

The event also discussed trends, solutions, and directions of open data development in Ukraine, and presented educational courses on open data advocacy and data journalism.


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