Upcoming Motorola headphones, Moto Buds and Buds+, high-quality renders

Upcoming Motorola headphones, Moto Buds and Buds+, high-quality renders

Motorola seems to be ready to introduce two pairs of new wireless headphones, called Moto Buds and Moto Buds+. The headphones were shown in high-quality renders courtesy of leaker Evan Blass.

Although the leaked images do not reveal the features of the headphones, they show different color options for each model.

Moto Buds are expected to be available in four colors: two shades of blue (navy and a lighter shade), bright yellow, and coral. Moto Buds+, on the other hand, will be available in a more limited palette of black and gold.

Moto Buds

Visually, there is also a noticeable difference between the two models. Moto Buds have a flat foot, while Buds+ have a more rounded shape, reminiscent of the OnePlus Buds 3.

It is particularly worth noting that Moto Buds+ also has a grille on the outside, which suggests that the headphones may have ANC and transparency modes. However, this is only a design-based assumption, as specific details have not yet been confirmed.

Moto Buds+

Another feature of the black Moto Buds+ is its matte finish with a glossy ring around the top. While the gold version has a glossy finish on the bottom

In addition, the charging cases for Moto Buds models look white, regardless of the color of the headphones. However, Moto Buds+ can be produced with color-matched cases.

Although the leaked images reveal the design of Moto Buds and Buds+, important details such as specifications, price, and availability remain under wraps. Hopefully, Motorola will soon unveil the Moto Buds and Moto Buds+ by revealing official pricing, specs, and availability information.


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