Ukrtelecom provides mobile telephony in case of cable damage

Alternative Telephony service by Ukrtelecom

Ukrtelecom provides converged telecommunications services using the network of Trimob, a mobile operator owned by Ukrtelecom, and its roaming partner.

The end user equipment used to provide voice telephony services in this network uses the 2G standard in the 900/1800 MHz bands, and Vodafone’s coverage, which is a roaming partner, is currently available in almost 98% of the territory where the population lives.

In settlements where the copper segment of the operator’s telecommunications infrastructure was damaged due to hostilities or suffered from intruders (cable theft – about 1,900 cases of theft and damage to the telecommunications network have been recorded this year), as well as in settlements where the network is being modernized, the company switches from copper to optics and provides fixed-line telephony services based on converged telephony technology. Subscribers are offered the Alternative Telephony service.

This service has been widely used since 2018 as a tool to quickly restore service in case of cable damage and for the overall technological modernization of the telephone infrastructure. But now it has become more relevant due to the restoration of the de-occupied territories.

The Alternative Telephony service by Ukrtelecom allows you to keep your fixed phone number, use local, long-distance and international telephony services, make calls to mobile subscribers and emergency numbers (101, 102, 103, 104, etc.). All fixed-line telephony tariff plans are available for selection, including those that include calls to long-distance numbers and mobile operators.

The cost and other terms of the service remain unchanged, and the benefits (if any) are preserved.


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