Ukrtelecom offers optical Internet and E-Check as a package

Ukrtelecom offers optical Internet and E-Check as a package

From now on, you can connect optical non-volatile Internet from Ukrtelecom and software-based cash register from E-Check at a discounted price of over 30% – UAH 600 per month for a year, regardless of the type of economic activity.

E-Check is one of the leaders among software PTR (payment transactions registrar) providers, which has been actively operating in the market for over 4 years, since the start of the fiscalization reform, and has more than 30 thousand customers who generate more than 10 million checks per month.

A range of services

The offer is provided in partnership with E-Check and includes a modern POS and PTR solution suitable for all types of trade (goods and services) and for businesses of all sizes.

In turn, Ukrtelecom’s optical Internet ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation of the program cash desks by providing stable and high-quality energy-independent Internet connection.

PRRO E-Check works on all devices in full functionality – IOS and Android smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets. It is also suitable for businesses of any size and type of activity – stationary and mobile trade in goods and services, courier delivery, etc.

Revenue growth

“Ukrtelecom has extensive experience in working with business customers from various industries and segments. We are well aware of the prospects for small and medium-sized businesses when they switch to software-based cash registers, as they are not just a cashless payment tool but a ready-made system for further development of digital infrastructure in the form of operational reporting, warehouse management and other components,” said Igor Gumenyuk, Ukrtelecom’s Head of Marketing and Planning.

In his opinion, digital transformation is always followed by revenue growth and cost optimization, and thus an increase in profits. The operator is ready to help its customers with this.

Персональний менеджер від Є-Чек

Personal manager

An important feature of the service is the Personal Manager from E-Check, which helps you get started quickly with the payment transactions registrar and teaches you how to work with the cash register without making mistakes and wasting your time. Thanks to the cooperation of E-Check and Ukrtelecom, this concept is moving online, as the customer will know about the benefits of software PTRs as soon as the Internet is connected.

“For us, this joint action is actually an opportunity to bring the Personal Manager concept even closer to the customer, as we can advise those businesses that are still completely offline,” says E-Check owner Yevhenia Bozhko.

She believes that the joint campaign will make software products even more accessible to customers, and their use, thanks to the optical Internet, more convenient and faster.


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