Ukrtelecom hands over “Valkyrie” drones to DIU fighters

Ukrtelecom hands over

Ukrtelecom has handed over a batch of Valkyrie UAVs to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. These “birds” help our defenders in hot spots in the fight against the enemy.

“We will get them all,” commented a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. “Thank you for your help, we need it. It is important for the entire frontline.”

These Valkyries have already flown to their combat missions.

By the way, Ukrtelecom’s Valkyries, which were previously transferred to the DIU units as part of Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front military initiative, are already helping the Defense Forces liberate our land.

In total, Ukrtelecom has delivered almost 20 Valkyries to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ukrtelecom CEO Yuriy Kurmaz

“We work every day to provide telecom services to Ukrainians. Helping our defenders is no less important for us. We are proud that we were able to deliver the drones that are so necessary for our heroes, the scouts, almost on their professional holiday,” said Ukrtelecom CEO Yuriy Kurmaz.

During the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops, Ukrtelecom has provided the Ukrainian Defense Forces with dozens of UAVs, including Valkyrie and Leleka unmanned aerial systems, hundreds of drones, thousands of special tablets, medical supplies, hundreds of vehicles and much more. The company has already allocated about UAH 70 million in aid to the needs of our defenders.


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