Ukrainian carriers restored 91% of mobile networks

Ukrainian carriers restored 91% of mobile networks

Despite Russia’s daily attempts to leave Ukraine offline and without communication, telecom companies’ teams are going to restore and improve communication. Even during blackouts and shelling.

On the 14th month of the full-scale war, 91% of mobile networks are working, and millions of people are back in touch with their loved ones.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, said that the telecom industry suffered significant losses during the large-scale invasion. In particular, more than 3,000 base stations were damaged. However, mobile operators have already restored 1800 towers. The World Bank estimates that more than $2.2 billion is needed to restore the full infrastructure to pre-war levels.

“It is very important that even during a full-scale war, the telecommunications sector is still working, for example, 91% of all mobile networks are operational. That is, technology is very important during a war. It’s not just about fast communication between citizens or getting high-quality information. Today we are in a technological war,” he said.

Together with Nokia, the Ministry of Digital Transformation is now launching a project in the frontline regions to restore a fully energy-independent telecom infrastructure.


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