Ukraine presents the results of digital transformation of regions

Ukraine presents the results of digital transformation of regions

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has summarized the results of the 2023 Regional Digital Transformation Index. Its purpose is to assess the effectiveness of digital solutions on the ground and the application of the level of digital culture of citizens. The Index research reflects the results of the work of CDTOs and digital teams of the RSAs over the year according to new measurement indicators, in particular in the areas of healthcare, civil security and accessibility of administrative services.

Index of digital transformation of regions

“We annually measure the Digital Transformation Index of Ukraine’s regions, as hromada digitalization remains a priority for the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The results of the measurement allow communities to see their strengths and weaknesses and, accordingly, develop the digital services needed in their region,” says Valeriia Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration.

According to her, it is also necessary to develop digital education, the digital economy, and attract investment for local projects. At the same time, each community should independently manage the processes of digital development

Індекс цифрової трансформації регіонів

The index is one of the tools for measuring the level of digital transformation in a country. The proposed methodology is based on an integrated approach and allows measuring both digital services and infrastructure, as well as the digitization process in the ATCs and territorial communities.

The maximum possible score is 1, and it reflects indicators of favorability in the economy, digital skills, infrastructure, public services, and digital transformation of local governments.

The results of the study show that the Index within Ukraine averages 0.632 points. The highest values were recorded in Dnipropetrovska (0.908), Lviv (0.891) and Poltava (0.833) regions.

You can view the research in the presentationї – PDF (33 MB).

What the index consists of

The index contains 8 main blocks:

  • Institutional capacity.
  • Development of the Internet.
  • Development of ASCs.
  • Implementation of a “paperless” regime.
  • Digital education.
  • The region’s business card.
  • Penetration of basic electronic services.
  • Sectoral digital transformation.

Among these categories, the highest values are observed in the implemented “paperless” regime (0.697), institutional capacity, namely the presence of CDTOs and digital teams of the EMB (0.678), and penetration of basic e-services (0.666).

CDTOs accelerate digital transformation

Thanks to the work of CDTOs, regions can implement digital reforms faster. However, in Kharkiv (57.1%), Kyiv (46.0%), and Mykolaiv (44.4%) regions, digitalization teams need to be expanded.

Over four years, CDTOs have successfully implemented more than 210 unique cross-sectoral projects. This made it possible to implement regional digitalization initiatives in different regions of Ukraine.

Internet in shelters and digital education

In addition, the Index allowed us to assess the level of Internet access in social institutions in shelters. According to the survey, 71% of secondary education institutions, 67% of preschool education institutions and 57% of healthcare institutions have Internet access in shelters.

Also in 2023, the Ministry of Digital Transformation achieved its strategic goal – 6 million Ukrainians took part in the digital skills development program. According to the survey, 60% of the country’s adult population has developed digital skills at the basic and advanced levels. In the Digital Education category, the Index score increased to 0.656 compared to 0.460 last year.

The Digital Transformation of Regions Index was first published in 2022.


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