Ukraine increases production of drones with AI technology

the role of drones and attitudes toward them have been dramatically transformed

Over the two years of full-scale war, the role of drones and attitudes toward them have been dramatically transformed. Today, drones on the battlefield are destroying millions of dollars worth of Russian equipment.

Ukraine is increasing the production of various types of UAVs as part of the Army of Drones project.

“And the creation of a separate kind of troops – the Unmanned Systems Forces – is an irrevocable step that proves that drones have become a game changer,” writes Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov.

According to him, where UAVs appear, the situation on the battlefield changes. Where there is proper and effective use of drones, an asymmetric advantage over the enemy is created and the opportunity to save lives is possible.

Федоров та дрони

What was done in 2023

  • The Ukrainian army has received more than 300,000 UAVs. Of these, 90% are Ukrainian-made drones.
  • Purchases of certain groups of UAVs have increased hundreds of times compared to 2022. For example, in 2022, 500 FPV Kamikazes were purchased, and in 2023, about 100,000 were purchased. This is a 200-fold increase.
  • The number of purchased long-range kamikaze planes that can reach even Petersburg has increased 50 times.
  • The number of purchased reusable copters that can make up to 10 sorties per night and destroy dozens of enemy vehicles has increased 80 times.

Drones, robots, artificial intelligence

In 2024, the pace will increase, because there is a budget and a big request from the Defense Forces.Today, technology is determining the organizational structure of the army and changing the doctrine of warfare. The army has to become technological.

Today, Ukrainian kamikaze drones fly at a distance of 20 kilometers and destroy a lot of Russian equipment. But the Russians have begun to pull it back to a greater distance, so they need drones with a longer range of 40 kilometers. To this end, Ukrainian companies are actively developing an analog of the Russian Lancet.

“We are currently testing these developments and will definitely launch them into mass production this year,” says Fedorov.

Currently, about 20 companies are working on AI to be implemented in drones. In the first quarter of 2024, the Defense Forces will massively deploy FPV drones with AI technology.

Robotic platforms

The most important goal of unmanned technology is to save the lives of soldiers. Robots can shoot, deliver cargo, evacuate the wounded, mine and clear mines.

Currently, more than 1,000 developments are registered on the Brave1 platform, and more than 130 of them are robotic technologies.

The official notes that there is also a great need for effective electronic warfare systems. We need to open the market and create competition. The next important step is to build an electronic warfare management system. It is also necessary to shoot down enemy UAVs with cheaper means.

Україна нарощує виробництво дронів зі штучним інтелектом

A million drones

We remind you that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has set a goal to produce 1 million FPV drones for the army.

“We are already seeing the results of the correct policy formation in the UAV sector. Financing and the capabilities of Ukrainian manufacturers have increased,” says Fedorov.

Therefore, given the growth in production, it is likely that Ukraine will produce more than a million drones in 2024.


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