TikTok announces the creation of the Global Youth Council

TikTok announces the creation of the Global Youth Council

TikTok is launching a global Youth Council to improve the safety of teenagers online. This council will work with experts to create a safer and more inclusive app. The announcement comes after research showed the need for more open communication between teens and parents about online safety. Only half of British teenagers talk to their parents about online platforms every month, and many avoid uncomfortable topics such as body images.

The Youth Council will focus on the well-being of teens and provide information on features such as the Youth Portal and reporting tools. TikTok also offers resources such as the Safety Center with guides on bullying and body image, which is viewed by over a million people every month. To encourage parental involvement, TikTok is promoting a “Family Couples” feature for new users over the age of 35. In addition, they will launch more than 10 media literacy campaigns on the app during 2024.

“Listening to feedback from teens and parents is a huge part of our safety work,” said a TikTok representative. A member of the Youth Council expressed his enthusiasm for creating a safer app and promoting understanding between people.

Experts such as Carolyn Bunting of Internet Matters believe that the contribution of the Youth Council is crucial. The study also emphasizes the need to educate teens and parents about existing safety tools. TikTok plans to address this issue through in-app messaging and media literacy initiatives.


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