Sony launches internal investigation as more PS5 Pro leaks appear online

Sony launches internal investigation as more PS5 Pro leaks appear online

Rumors of a potential PlayStation 5 Pro are still circulating, with YouTubers and insiders reporting more and more details about the unconfirmed console. A recent leak from Tom Henderson suggests that confidential information about the PS5 Pro could have been leaked through third-party promotions. It is not yet clear whether Sony will be able to find the culprit, but this incident may lead to tighter control over developers’ access to new technologies.

Sony has remained silent on the leaks and has not even acknowledged the existence of the PS5 Pro. However, based on the information gathered to date, here’s a quick overview of what the PS5 Pro has to offer:

The leaks indicate improvements to the PS5 Pro’s system memory bandwidth, which could potentially be 28% faster than the standard PS5. In addition, the new “High Frequency CPU Mode” can increase the CPU clock speed by 10%, albeit at the expense of slightly reduced GPU performance. The audio department can also experience a boost with improved convolutional reverb and FFT/IFFT processing performance thanks to the increased frequency of the Audio Co-processor (ACV).

The real strength of the PS5 Pro seems to lie in its graphics capabilities. Leaks hint at 45% faster rendering speeds compared to the PS5, as well as 2-3x better ray tracing performance, potentially reaching 4x in certain scenarios. This is rumored to be backed by 33.5 teraflops of processing power.

Sony is also reportedly developing its own machine learning architecture with an AI accelerator capable of performing impressive floating point calculations. This, along with the new “Spectral Super Resolution” (PSSR) technology, aims to provide a smooth gaming experience with 4K 120FPS and even 8K 60FPS resolutions. However, it is important to note that hardware limitations may prevent the PS5 Pro from fully achieving these lofty goals.

We’ll have to wait until Sony breaks its silence and reveals its plans for the next generation of PlayStation. Until then, the PS5 will remain in place as its supercharged version.


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