Samsung will use Exynos 2500 in Galaxy Book and S25

Samsung will use Exynos 2500 in Galaxy Book and S25

Samsung’s next generation of Exynos processors are rumored to be will be introduced in two different variants, each with different cores. Exynos 2500 will be available in two different variants: 8-core and 10-core, each of which will be offered in different devices.

Samsung Exynos 2500 will be presented in 8-core and 10-core versions

Samsung did not introduce the Exynos chipset and instead used the Snapdragon chipset in all regions with the S23 series. However, with the S24 series, Samsung introduced both the Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsets. Samsung will also release a new Exynos chipset next year.

According to the Twitter account “Connor/콘어/コナー”, Samsung plans to offer an 8-core variant of the Exynos 2500 in its smartphones, while the 10-core variant will be integrated into devices such as the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book.

In addition, the insider suggests that the Exynos 2500 will have a 4+4 core architecture, which is a mirror image of the Dimensity 9300 chipset. It is known that Samsung will use the Snapdragon X Elite processor in its next-generation Galaxy Book, so the use of the Exynos 2500 in the Galaxy Book is not a big surprise.

In addition, leaks indicate that the Exynos 2500 will use NPU chips, offering advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. There are also rumors that a new component called “TPU” will be introduced, along with the existing G-NPU and S-NPU.


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