Samsung smart glasses design described in a new patent

Samsung smart glasses design described in a new patent

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s smart glasses for a while now, and the company even registered the trademark “Galaxy Glasses” back in 2023. In a new development, Samsung has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization for its smart glasses.

A patent published by Patently Apple shows us a possible design for Samsung’s smart glasses along with a charging case.

Although the design of the glasses is not too different from that of conventional glasses, the patent reveals some technical details.

The lenses are in their usual place, but the left frame has magnetic connection points that will allow the glasses to be charged when they are in the case. The batteries, as you can see in Figure 6, are located inside each temple.

Interestingly, there is no mention of cameras or sensors in the patent, components that are commonly expected in XR devices. Although I’m not sure if this particular patent could be solely focused on physical design. And Samsung may file separate follow-on patents covering more complex technical aspects of the invention.

In addition, the patent in FIG. 4B shows the internal configuration of the wearable device, and FIGS. 7B and 7C show the design of the charging case.

Although the patent provides some information, it is too early to say whether Samsung will launch this product on the market. Not all patented ideas become real products.

Most likely, we will need to wait for further leaks or official announcements from Samsung to get a clearer picture.


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