Samsung patents a square smartphone with a extendable display

Samsung patents a square smartphone with a extendable display

Samsung may be working on a new innovative smartphone design. A fresh patent shows a square-shaped device that has a sliding display panel. Here is everything we know about this model.

Samsung phone with a retractable display

The South Korean tech giant is a leader in the foldable smartphone segment, with the latest releases being the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. But it seems that a new type of smartphone is in the works, focusing on an expandable screen rather than a flexible one. A Samsung patent has been spotted showing a phone with a square shape and a retractable screen. Such an innovative design may even solve some of the problems faced by foldable phones.

A retractable phone will look more like a regular screen, making it more durable and practical for users. For those who don’t know, a regular smartphone is still stronger than a foldable one because the moving parts are also vulnerable to its integrity. However, Samsung’s latest patent could change that statement by offering a different type of flexible display. Unlike a typical foldable phone with a high flexible panel, the sliding panel is only a small part of the device that can be pulled out to get additional screen area.

The new design will focus on parallel alignment, as well as unique connections and support structures to give the display more flexibility and durability. It’s worth noting that this is still just a patent, and we have no way of knowing if Samsung is actually working on such a device. But it gives a clear idea of what future smartphones with flexible screens might look like.


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