Samsung Music Frame HW-LS60D wireless speaker launched

Samsung Music Frame HW-LS60D wireless speaker launched

Korean tech giant Samsung has released the Music Frame HW-LS60D wireless speaker system. Samsung’s new audio product is a 6-speaker system that supports Dolby Atmos, Spotify, and Tidal, among other features. The product was first unveiled at the 2024 World of Samsung event and looks like a photo frame. The speaker is capable of wirelessly streaming audio content from a variety of input devices, including TVs, smartphones, digital audio players, computers, and game consoles.


The new Samsung Music Frame speaker has a design that adds aesthetic appeal to a room. It can be easily mounted on the wall or placed on a table. The user can interchange the frame and matte 8 x 8 inch photos. The music frame has an adaptive sound feature that allows it to deliver clearer dialog at all volume levels when connected to a TV. It can serve as the main external speaker for your TV or as an additional speaker when paired with existing Samsung TV speakers and soundbars. The product also offers automatic room optimization for a fully immersive listening experience.

Samsung HW-LS60D is equipped with Spotify and Tidal Hi-Fi connections for streaming audio content. It supports decoding Hi-Res and MP3 formats to FLAC AV. It also supports Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and is well integrated with Samsung phones for seamless and fast audio streaming. The speaker can also connect to home theater systems using a Toslink optical cable. Smart assistants such as Alexa, Airplay, and Chromecast are also available on the Music Frame wireless speaker.

Price and availability

The retail price of the Samsung HW-LS60D Music Frame wireless speaker is $399. It can be purchased directly from retailers such as Amazon and BestBuy.


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