Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is rumored to monitor blood sugar level

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is rumored to monitor blood sugar level

Leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series are gaining momentum. The lineup is expected to consist of three models compared to two, indicating a change in strategy. A new report out of South Korea reveals a vital health tracking feature that could appear in future wearables. Vice President Hong Park met with members of Samsung Health’s advisory board to discuss blood sugar monitoring and the integration of artificial intelligence into wearables.

According to the discussion, it is expected that Samsung may include a blood sugar (also called blood glucose) monitor in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series. Many manufacturers, including Apple, are also reportedly working on a health tracking feature on their devices. This is because blood sugar monitors can help people with diabetes, as well as those who do not have diabetes but want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Earlier this year, in January, Hong Park hinted at blood sugar monitoring on future wearable devices. This is because they are able to measure this parameter continuously. In addition, they are also non-invasive, which eliminates the need for skin piercing and blood sampling, making life easier for patients. Thus, blood sugar monitoring is expected to be a significant advancement on future wearable devices.

The press release of Samsung does not mention the Galaxy Watch 7. However, it is becoming more and more likely that the blood sugar monitor will be present in the upcoming product. It also remains unclear whether the South Korean brand will include it in all models. Perhaps the company will decide to classify the smartwatch as an electronic device rather than a medical one for regulatory reasons.

The next Samsung Unpacked event is expected to take place on July 10.


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