Samsung Galaxy Ring production details, potential sale dates

Samsung Galaxy Ring production details, potential sale dates

A new report from South Korea reveals the production capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The device, which was first unveiled in January, is scheduled for release in the second half of this year. It has already attracted a lot of interest. Many details about the Galaxy Ring have also been confirmed.

The Elec reports that Samsung plans to produce 400,000 units of the Galaxy Ring initially. This should meet demand in line with the South Korean brand’s expectations. The estimate is quite ambitious as smart rings have recently started to gain popularity. The mass production of the device is expected to start in May.

The report also adds that Samsung will be able to keep up if demand exceeds their expectations. The company will ramp up production due to the small form factor and no shortage of components. The Galaxy Ring is expected to debut in late July or early August at the Unpacked event dedicated to a new generation of foldable devices, tablets, and smartwatches. The publication also reports that sales may begin sometime in August.

So far, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Ring will be available in nine different sizes, three color options and will have a battery life of nine days. The smallest model will have a 14.5 mAh battery, while the largest model will be equipped with a 21.5 mAh battery. In addition to Samsung devices, it will also be compatible with other Android phones, but will not work with iOS.


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