Samsung Galaxy Ring compatibility, battery capacity and size revealed

Samsung Galaxy Ring compatibility, battery capacity and size revealed

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few weeks since its announcement last month. At the recently concluded MWC, the brand confirmed some additional key details about the wearable device. Despite this, more information about the Galaxy Ring is emerging, this time from the folks at CNET. In the latest piece, we learn about the smart ring’s dimensions, battery capacity, and compatibility with other devices.

More details about Samsung Galaxy Ring confirmed

At the MWC exhibition, CNET journalists had the opportunity to personally test the Galaxy Ring. The smallest size of the device that can be worn is 2.3 grams, while the largest version weighs 2.9 grams. This is significantly lighter than the Oura ring, which weighs between four and six grams.

Samsung says that the smallest prototype ring has a battery capacity of 14.5 mAh. It is gradually increasing, and larger models are reportedly powered by a 21.5 mAh cell. Earlier, the South Korean brand confirmed that the Galaxy Ring will be able to provide up to 9 days of battery life.

Finally, Hong Park, vice president of Samsung and head of the Digital Health team, said that users can wear the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch together for even better results. Of course, they will be compatible with Galaxy phones. The executive also clarified that the company is working to ensure that the device is compatible with other Android phones. Unfortunately, it won’t work with iOS, which is a shame.


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