Samsung: Galaxy AI features are free only until 2025

Samsung: Galaxy AI features are free only until 2025

At the recent Unpacked event, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 series, which consists of three models: Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra. But it seems that Samsung has shifted its focus to AI technology to overcome flagship sales problems caused by market competition. AI features took center stage at the event, eclipsing even smartphones. But after 2025, Samsung’s AI features in Galaxy smartphones will cost users extra. Here are the details…

Subscription services have become crucial in our daily lives. Subscriptions allow us to access various products and services without having to buy them directly, making things like games, music, etc. more affordable through regular payments. Moreover, these services cover not only small things but also assets such as cars and phones. The reason why everyone wants to create their own subscription service is simple: a regular and uninterrupted revenue stream. Samsung aims to achieve this with Galaxy AI.

According to Samsung, Galaxy AI features in the S24 series will be free on supported devices until the end of 2025. However, users who want to continue using these features after that will have to pay for them. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on the specific amount of this fee. Users who have already paid $799 for their phone may be disappointed if they lose critical features in a year, but for now, this only applies to 2025.

  • From circle to search:

Quickly search using artificial intelligence by tracing objects or text on the screen. Identify products, read text visually, and get information quickly.

  • Live translation:

Translate spoken and written content into different languages in real time with the help of AI. Instant translation for conversations, easy communication in a multilingual environment, and fast translation of written content.

  • Chat Assistant:

Instant translation of messages with language-neutral responses. Direct messaging in different languages without copy-pasting.

  • Notes Assistant:

Edit and summarize notes and organize them into sections or headings. Provides note summaries and organizes notes based on structure.

  • Voice recording assistant:

Converts recorded audio into text, identifying individual speakers. Converts voice recordings into written transcripts with instant translation and summarization.


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