Sam Altman’s latest project is Thrive AI, a personalized health coach

Sam Altman's latest project is Thrive AI, a personalized health coach

New healthcare company Thrive AI Health aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry with the help of artificial intelligence. Thrive AI, co-founded by Arianna Huffington and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized “health coach” tailored to your specific needs. This coach analyzes various aspects of your life, including sleep, diet, fitness, stress, and social interactions, to offer data-driven recommendations.

Health data will be available through a smartphone app or a virtual assistant

The company’s CEO is DeCarlos Love, who previously headed the fitness and health business at Fitbit. Thrive AI plans to train its AI trainer using a combination of scientific research, medical data, and collaboration with institutions such as Stanford University School of Medicine. Their vision is to create a comprehensive health data platform accessible through a smartphone app or virtual assistant integrated with existing Thrive products. This system will learn your behavioral patterns and offer real-time health advice.

Thrive AI positions itself as a more conscious approach to health management. They emphasize making personalized health coaching accessible to all while addressing health inequalities. User safety and privacy is a priority, and Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe, an expert on health equity, serves as an advisor. They are also committed to basing recommendations on peer-reviewed research and giving users full control over the information used to personalize their experience.


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