Russians launch a fake about a missile from NASAMS

Russians launch a fake about a missile from NASAMS

Russian propaganda has launched a fake claim that an AIM-120A missile from NASAMS hit the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in Kyiv. They do this using a retouched freeze frame from a video showing a targeted strike by a Russian X-101/555 missile.

This was written by Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military and political observer at the Information Resistance group.

“I’m sure that today at the UN Security Council, Russian representatives will be waving papers with a printed freeze frame and telling everyone in the room a wild story about how it shows an AIM-120A missile,” he says.

A clear picture from the video

But another disgusting fake will not convince the international community. After all, there is an original video of good enough quality to zoom in on the missile’s outline and see all its details, such as the triple tail fin, oval nose fairing (which the Russians sharpened and even slightly highlighted in their freeze-frame) and stabilization wing.

However, the small-sized, short-life, twin-circuit R95-300 turbojet engine in the tail section of the missile stands out, which is a distinctive feature of the X-101/555 missiles.

In addition, the video allows us to clearly determine the size of the missile and its length. But, according to the expert, there is one more very important point that shatters the Russian lie.

Бойова частина Х-101

The warhead of the X-101

“Few people pay attention to this, but the AIM-120A has a warhead weight of 50 pounds. This is just over 20 kilograms. The power of the explosion and the terrible destruction that the whole world has already seen could not have been provoked by the detonation of a 20 kg warhead, but they correspond to the power of a half-ton charge that is equipped with X-101/555 missiles,” Kovalenko said.

In his opinion, Russian propagandists, having committed a heinous crime, will lie desperately and disgustingly, realizing that their lies are worthless. But, as with MH-17, and as with many of their other crimes, they will generate lies non-stop 24/7.

“This is Putin’s Russia, a terrorist country. It does not know and cannot do anything else. It’s her miserable nature,” the expert adds.


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