Defense Ministry cooperates in the space intelligence

Defense Ministry cooperate in the field of space intelligence

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry is looking for new partners in satellite communications. The Ministry has signed a memorandum with ICEYE to deepen cooperation in the field of space intelligence.

ICEYE is a Finnish company, one of the world leaders in satellite technology. The company manufactures microsatellites and owns one of the world’s largest constellations of radar satellites.

The agreement with ICEYE is aimed at strengthening cooperation in the field of remote sensing, which is important for Ukraine’s national security and defense.

“Cooperation with ICEYE and the signing of the memorandum will significantly improve our intelligence activities. We are grateful to the company for its commitment to democratic values, support of the Ukrainian people and its position on restricting space photography over the territory of Ukraine,” said Deputy Defense Minister Kateryna Chernogorenko.

In her opinion, Ukraine must defend itself on land, in the air, at sea, in cyberspace and in space.


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