Russian electronic warfare system interferes with flights over EU

Russian electronic warfare system interferes with flights over EU

Russia’s military electronic warfare system is constantly interfering with aircraft flights over half of Poland and parts of Europe. All countries are expressing “extreme concern” about this issue.

Military communications expert Serhiy Flesh (Beskrestnov) writes about it in his post.

How flightradar works

He explains how systems for determining the position of aircraft in space work:

“When an airplane is flying in the air, its transponder on board constantly transmits all the information about the aircraft’s location in space. The information is transmitted in accordance with the standards of the ADS-B system.”

Many receiving stations on the ground receive this signal and map information about each aircraft. This is how the website works.


The fall of NACp

ADS-B service information contains many parameters, one of which is NACp (Network Airspace Control and Protection). Each aircraft reports in this parameter the accuracy with which it navigates in space based on the GPS navigation system. The ideal value of 11 indicates an accuracy of up to 3 meters.

“If something interferes with the GPS and its accuracy drops, the parameter decreases, and the aircraft ‘tells’ everyone about it. And all services pay attention to this, because flight safety is reduced,” the expert notes.

Of course, there are also ground-based radars for controllers and altimeters, but only GPS is “super accurate.” For safe flights in civil aviation, the NACP value is allowed up to 8, which corresponds to an accuracy of 92.6 meters.

Карта перешкод GPS

GPS obstacle map

NACp data can be collected from all aircraft and draw a single map of GPS interference in the air, which is what the service does.

“Who interferes with GPS frequencies? Only military electronic warfare. So, this map shows how the electronic warfare from Kaliningrad constantly interferes with aircraft flights over half of Poland and part of Europe. All countries are expressing ‘extreme concern’ about this issue,” Flesch writes.

He also noticed that St. Petersburg and the region is closed by the electronic warfare consistently and more tightly than even the suburbs of Moscow. Obviously, Russia is protecting its territory on the western borders in this way.


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