RETN launches new DDoS protection platform

RETN launches new DDoS protection platform

RETN, a leading independent provider of global network services, is launching a new platform for protecting networks from DDoS attacks. The solution will allow corporate customers and telecom providers to access 5000% increased capacity for filtering malicious traffic.

Over the past two years, the number of DDoS attacks in Ukraine has increased almost 6 times. Attacking from several sources, hackers initiated DDoS attacks on the websites of government agencies, banking institutions, telecommunications operators, energy sector companies and the media. The goal of the hackers is to deprive citizens of access to important services and information or to cause economic losses to organizations.

How does the new DDoS platform work?

RETN’s new solution allows you to quickly and effectively counter DDoS attacks at the network level. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the platform can automatically detect and eliminate threats, as well as block attacks and malicious traffic before it reaches the network or online applications.

As part of the new platform, RETN has opened a 24/7 security operations center (SOC). And with the help of personalized settings in the client portal, you can monitor and control the operation of the cybersecurity platform in real time.

What does the platform protect against?

  • Against volumetric attacks. Since the platform redirects congested traffic away from the target network and filters malicious attacks, users of this technology will be able to ensure stable and uninterrupted communication.
  • From protocol attacks. The platform detects and eliminates malicious traffic patterns, such as SYN-flood and TCP-flood, protecting the network from congestion
  • From a variety of targeted attacks on applications. Thanks to built-in cloud solutions, the platform protects traffic from various types of threats, not just bots or injection attacks.
  • Against attacks on websites, applications, and APIs. Offering multi-layered L3/4 and L7 protection, the platform prevents larger threats. At the same time, it meets the 10 most common OWASP vulnerabilities.
  • Against DNS attacks. Thanks to a developed redundant DNS infrastructure, the protection works against DNS spoofing, cache corruption, and more.


For whom?

“As cyber threats grow and become more sophisticated, the new network defense platform makes a significant step forward in the digital security of enterprises around the world. Protection against DDoS attacks is an absolute necessity today and should be implemented in all enterprises and networks. We are excited to begin rolling out a cybersecurity solution that features instant attack detection, user alerts, and rapid response,” said Tony O’Sullivan, CEO of RETN.

The new platform can be used by enterprises, content providers, and telecommunications operators that are connected to IP transit or use dedicated Internet access (DIA).

“Thanks to the new network security platform, the quality of digital protection from large Ukrainian enterprises to young startups, as well as national and regional telecom operators, will be able to rise to a qualitatively higher level. Therefore, this will be an important step in ensuring the stability and uninterrupted operation, as well as the reliability of data storage of these companies, which is extremely important in today’s environment,” said Olena Lutsenko, Executive Director of RETN in Ukraine and the Black Sea region.


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