Redmi 13 will be unveiled in the near future

Redmi 13 will be unveiled in the near future

The new Xiaomi Redmi 13 phone is on its way. It has passed FCC testing and people are excited about it. The Redmi 12 series sold very well, so the Redmi 13 is highly anticipated. Android Headlines has exclusive information on what the Redmi 13 will look like. Are you wondering how it will look like compared to the Redmi 12?

Redmi 13 is a new affordable phone from Xiaomi. People were hoping for some improvements like a better chip and camera, but it looks like the Redmi 13 will be very similar to the Redmi 12. It is confirmed to have a MediaTek Helio G88 chip. This information comes from Xiaomi’s HyperOS, so it’s reliable.

processor leak

Inside the company, it is called “moon” with model numbers “N19A/C/E/L”. The Redmi 12 had the model number “M19A”, so they are following a pattern. Redmi 13 will be sold worldwide.

Model numbers like “2404ARN45A” and “2404ARN45I” tell us where the phone will be sold. Some versions will have NFC and some will not. For example, the “24040RN64Y” is for the global market with NFC, and the “2404ARN45A” is without NFC. “2404ARN45I” is for India, and “24049RN28L” is for Latin America.

Xiaomi is also releasing POCO M6, which is essentially the equivalent of the Redmi 13. This is confirmed by Xiaomi’s HyperOS. POCO M6 will be available globally and in India. Both phones will run on the same software and have minor differences, such as design changes.

Redmi 13 will provide a similar user experience to Redmi 12. It will be released with HyperOS 1.0 based on Android 14. We don’t know the exact release date yet.


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