Clarity Hromada – an analytical platform with open data

Clarity Hromada - an analytical platform for open data

Clarity Project has launched the Clarity Hromada analytical platform, a system of dashboards with analytical data that helps track key community indicators.

“Collecting, updating, and searching for statistical data is a challenge for territorial communities. However, it is this information that ensures transparency of the work of the authorities and helps to make informed management decisions,” the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine believes.

What does Clarity Hromada give you?

The platform helps to track such community indicators:

  • budget expenditures,
  • economic activity,
  • demographics,
  • reconstruction.

Users can filter the data by indicators, rank and compare communities with each other. The information on the Clarity Hromada platform is constantly updated from the Unified State Open Data Portal, so the indicators remain always up-to-date.

Що дає Clarity Hromada

Who is the Clarity Hromada platform for?

The platform will be useful for:

  • residents, civic activists and journalists – to monitor the use of public funds and identify corruption schemes;
  • potential investors – to analyze the market and competitors before opening new businesses;
  • local businesses – to find new partners and check counterparties;
  • local governments – for making management decisions

How the service was created

In 2023, the Clarity Hromada service won the Open Datathon reUkraine. This is a national competition of technology projects based on open data for the restoration of Ukraine.

You can use the service at the following link –

The Clarity Hromada service was created by the team of the Clarity Project analytical platform with the support of the USAID/UK aid project Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) and with the assistance of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The project partner is the East Europe Foundation.


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