Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw

After last year’s success of the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit, which was attended by over 11,000 people from 88 countries around the world and conducted by over 500 experts from the Tech & IT industry – the biggest conference for women in new technologies in Europe and Asia will be hosted in Warsaw this summer!

On 12 and 13 June, The Perspektywy Women in Tech 2024 in Warsaw Expo XXI will bring together leading engineers, programmers, specialists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, leaders and startuppers, students, and women at the beginning of their professional careers, as well as men and all people supporting diversity in STEM, Tech & IT industry.

Get inspired! Gain knowledge! Achieve Tech-Life Balance!

During the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2024, over 150 inspiring speakers and excellent special guests will be on five stages, as well as dozens of tech talks and workshops. The leading topics of this year’s Summit are quantum computers, human-machine interactions, neurodiversity, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, deep tech, cloud solutions, and digital ecology and cybersecurity and many, many others. But beyond technological issues, the guiding idea of this year’s Summit will be Tech-Life Balance treated as a conscious approach, global and individual, to use new technologies with care and an open mind to support neurodiversity, inclusion, sustainable development, and improve the quality of life, instead of being a source of stress and digital fatigue.

Meet experts! Find a job! Boost your career!

Summit undoubtedly owes its enormous popularity to the numerous benefits and attractive opportunities it offers to its participants. In addition to inspiring speeches, fascinating tech talks, and upskilling workshops – there will be unique Career Fairs with over 100 booths of the most innovative global companies, where participants of the conference will be able to hold an interview, find a job, improve their professional qualifications and boost their career in Tech & IT.  But it is not everything! Participants can also take part in individual mentoring sessions with excellent leaders of the world of technology (Mentoring Zone), as well as make interesting connections with women from the industry and take advantage of networking opportunities during almost 20 side events accompanying the Summit.

Summit 2024 will also continue the idea of sustainable development launched 2 years ago – as the first large-scale climate-positive event in Poland, whose total carbon footprint has been minimized and offset. This year we will be the first to actively participate in activities for the restoration of wetlands!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw

Meet the most beautiful minds in tech & IT!  Join the Summit!

In just a few years, the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit conference has become the biggest event for women in technology in Europe and Asia, becoming Poland’s showcase in the world and earning us the name of the hub of women in IT & Tech. Thanks to it, Poland has the opportunity to present its achievements and encourage talents from all over the world to take an interest in our education, science, and attractive opportunities on the job market.

Every year, during PWiTS, we announce the TOP-100 Women list, i.e. a list of the best experts specializing in various technologies, science, and innovations (AI, cloud computing, 5G, cybersecurity) – in 2024, the topic of the TOP-100 will be data science.

This unique meeting of women of science, business, and technology, who will share with us their stories, scientific achievements, and visions of the technological future of the world, is organized by the Perspektywy Education Foundation and is partnered with over 100 of the largest technology companies and the best technical universities in Poland.

TICKETS for the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2024 

13 and 13 June 2024, Warsaw Expo XXI

are available at

50% discount valid until 15 March 2024

STEM students (from Poland and abroad)
can apply for free tickets as usual.


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