Patriot Viper V360 is a budget 7.1 gaming headset with LED backlighting, a built-in microphone with a frequency of 100 Hz – 10 kHz, a built-in volume control, and a lot of other interesting “stuff”. But is the model worth your attention, even with such a “business card”? We will talk about it further.

The package

But let’s talk about everything in turn. The user will receive the product in a medium-sized cardboard box with a bright design that combines Patriot branded colors, illustrations of the headset from several angles, and a lot of various information about the model’s capabilities and features.

Of course, the box of a product is something that is usually sent for recycling immediately or almost immediately after unpacking. But even if the packaging of Patriot Viper V360 will have a similar fate, I advise you to spend some time reading the considerable amount of data on the walls, because it answers key questions about the model’s capabilities and features. This is what we will do next. Stay tuned!

Information from the box walls

So, the front wall has a huge detailed illustration of the product. Thus, the user can get acquainted with the appearance of the model quite well without having to take the product out of the box. As for me, this is a plus!

Another plus is the list of key features, both in the form of icons and informational footnotes: 7.1 SURROUND SOUND, ULTRA BASS RESPONSE, etc. In addition to the above, there is a noticeable inscription of the product name, the Patriot logo, the game series to which this model belongs, etc.

There is no less interesting stuff behind. First of all, we have another illustration of the model in a slightly different form factor. The product data sheet, manufacturer information, and some additional technical information are also available in many languages.

The package contents

Above, we have familiarized ourselves with the box from Patriot Viper V360 and the information on its walls. Now let’s take a look inside to examine the package contents.

So, there are:

  • Patriot Viper V360 wired gaming headset;
  • soft fabric bag for transportation/storage;
  • branded stickers in the amount of two units;
  • a unified information tab on the model’s delivery set.

As for the user manual, it is not needed here, as the navigation is quite simple. As for the warranty documentation, in this case, it is a receipt that certifies the official purchase. The warranty, let me remind you, is 2-year.

Patriot Viper V360 specifications

  • Connection method – wired;
  • Construction type – full-size;
  • Type of acoustic design – closed;
  • Mounting – on the headband;
  • Weight – 310 g;
  • The number of emitters in one earbud is 1;
  • The minimum reproduced frequency is 20 Hz;
  • Maximum reproduced frequency – 20,000 Hz;
  • Resistance – 64 ohms;
  • Sensitivity – 106 dB;
  • Speaker diameter – 53 mm;
  • Cable – 2.1 meters;
  • Interface and connection type – USB, one-way;
  • Microphone – remote removable;
  • Microphone noise reduction;
  • Frequency range – 100-10000 Hz.

Case materials

The body of the Patriot Viper V360 is a combination of a small amount of metal, artificial leather, and plastic. In addition to the above, there is also fabric on board. The latter is used as a cable braid and on the ear cushions. Finally, as for the metal, the manufacturer used it to make the headband. The mesh on the outside of the ear cups is also metal. It is necessary to pay tribute to the manufacturer – everything is in order with quality and rigidity here, and the author of these tapes had enough time to check both the first and the second. For details, let’s “go” further.

Impressions on the build quality

There’s a drumbeat… a minute of long silence… and finally, the conclusion: “Everything is in perfect order with the build quality”! No, indeed, absolutely no discounts or conventions, the work is done with high quality, and at absolutely all stages – from the selection and approval of materials to the fit of parts into a single structure. And rest assured – there are no “nuances” worthy of attention regarding the assembly.


The cable for connecting the headset to a PC or laptop is a separate topic for discussion. The first thing worth noting is the length of 2.1 meters. In practice, this is more than enough to connect any format, even if the system unit is placed under the table in the farthest corner.

The second is the memory effect. It is at an average level, and therefore the cable is easy to put, as they say, “under itself”.

The third is the absence of a built-in control panel directly on the cable. Personally, I don’t like this solution at all – it is much better to approach the matter by placing everything you need on the side of the cup itself, as it is done in Patriot Viper V360.

And, finally, the fourth thing is the gilding on the interface and a ferrite filter to protect against interference. All of this is present here and works perfectly.


Patriot Viper V360 is an example of a classic. To be more precise, it is not even that – it is an example of a well-made classic. I have seen headsets with a similar (or almost similar) design from both Bloody and Estonian Real-El. Indeed, although the approach cannot be called unique, the model is worthy of attention at least because it is about 7.1 combined with a design that users like.

To the question of ergonomics

In this regard, I would like to thank Patriot for the absence of a headset control panel directly on the cable – personally, I don’t like it; I prefer solutions placed on the side of the cup. Patriot Viper V360 did exactly that and therefore has a big plus in karma. All elements, including the volume control wheel, the backlight switch and another ULTRA BASS RESPONSE mode on the side of the left earphone. By the way, as for the backlight, there are two such zones – the right and left outer walls, which are covered with high-quality metal nets.

Comfortable fit on the head

There are no comments on the comfort. The fit is light and reliable at the same time, and it hasn’t come off even once, even taking into account, let’s say, quite substantial gaming battles. You will also be able to take the microphone out of the corresponding case without being distracted during the game, as well as return it to the upward position.

The headband is comfortable. Here again we can say that this is a classic that does not age, because we all know the format, the principle of operation and the excellent result of its operation. I have already mentioned the moderate stiffness of the headband.

Comfortable fit on the head

Sound quality and ear cushions

First of all, for the latter. Here I have to say that during the whole test period, when the device was in our editorial office, the ear cushions did not lose their appearance and even more, they did not “sag”. The headband also did not stretch and holds the headset well on the user’s head.

As for games. CS:GO has excellent detail, even “light” footsteps are audible. It creates a great atmosphere in WoT. I also played various “racing” and other “shooting” games. As a result, I was completely satisfied with the capabilities of Patriot Viper V360.

The headset behaves interestingly when watching videos or listening to audio. As a result, we also have good detail, volume, and midrange performance. And there is a very cool feature with the subwoofer – a function called ULTRA BASS RESPONSE. It seems to “revive” the work of the “ears”. In a word, the quality is worthy of attention, and even without discounts on the price tag. The latter, by the way, is very good for a 7.1 headset with zone lighting and an interestingly equipped subwoofer.

Sound quality and ear cushions

Impressions of the microphone

As for the microphone’s capabilities, everything is generally good: voice transmission is clear, clean and quite detailed, without, let’s say, “accompaniment” in the form of extraneous noise. And the folding design of the microphone is also quite convenient.

Proprietary software

If you want to unleash the potential of Patriot Viper V360 to the fullest, I advise you to use the proprietary Viper Audio Center software for this purpose – it is downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer’s website.

Features of the proprietary software

Everything is quite simple here. Despite the absence of Ukrainian localization (by the way, there is no Russian localization either), the application’s features are easy to learn and memorize even after the first use. And among the main functional features, we should mention the built-in equalizer, a very well-equipped Viper Surround function, and the ability to customize additional effects for sound drivers and the microphone.

Patriot Viper V360


As a result, we have a very interesting example of a 7.1 gaming headset, which, even taking into account the fact that it is not a novelty, has something to oppose, including more expensive competitors in 2023. It’s a well-balanced design, ergonomics thought out to the smallest detail, plus, of course, excellent sound capabilities. If you are an economical user who is looking for a really good portable 7.1, Patriot Viper V360 is worth a closer look.

Patriot Viper V360 costs about 1400 UAH (∼$38).

Product provided by Patriot press service in Ukraine.


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