Kyivstar installs tens of thousands of batteries in its network

Kyivstar base station

Kyivstar has prepared its network for possible power outages. To do this, the company installed higher capacity batteries at its base stations. Kyivstar’s total investment in energy security reached UAH 988 million.

Permanent mobile communication

In 2023, Kyivstar installed 80 thousand new batteries at its base stations, which can provide telecom equipment with 4-6 hours of operation without using power grids. The company plans to install another 30 thousand such batteries by the end of the year.

In addition, since February 2022, the company has tripled the number of stationary and mobile diesel generators that can ensure the operation of all critical telecom network facilities for a long time. At the beginning of the war, the company had 700 such generators, and now it has 2200. At the same time, 850 generators were connected to Kyivstar base stations by other commercial companies and enterprises.

Uninterrupted Home Internet

Kyivstar also took care of its subscribers who use Home Internet. Thus, the company is installing 50 thousand uninterruptible power supplies on the fixed-line Internet network to ensure the functioning of at least 70% of the fixed-line Internet network during blackouts.

Kyivstar has already started deploying and testing GPON technology, which is more energy-independent, in a number of Ukrainian cities. By the end of 2023, the telecom operator plans to launch a GPON network for commercial use.

Since the beginning of the war, Kyivstar has already invested almost UAH 988 million in energy security of its telecom infrastructure. Of this amount, UAH 688 million was invested in energy sources for the mobile network and over UAH 300 million in the Home Internet network.

Kyivstar has 24 million subscribers and over 1 million subscribers of Home Internet services. The telecom operator is steadily tearing up and rebuilding its telecom network to provide its subscribers with stable and high-quality communication and data transmission services.


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