OPPO Enco Air3 is a surprisingly compact and sophisticated TWS headphone with a transparent cover. Other interesting things under the hood include Bluetooth 5.3, OPPO’s proprietary Alive Audio function for surround sound with the effect of presence, the ability to connect to multiple devices at the same time, and a number of other interesting “things”. All this and more will be discussed further in the review.

The box

But let’s take it one step at a time. The user will receive OPPO Enco Air3 in a compact cardboard box. The design of the latter is a combination of white and gray colors, plus various technical data and illustrations of the product. The latter is on the front.

Of course, the box from a product is something that is usually sent for recycling immediately (or almost immediately) after unpacking. But even if the OPPO Enco Air3 packaging suffers a similar fate, I still advise you to spend some time studying the data on the walls, because there are many “answers” to various technical questions. This is what we will do next.

Information from the box walls

The box itself is modular, consisting of several parts – a cardboard seal in which the product is placed, the necessary documentation, and, let’s say, the outer box. We will focus on the information from the latter in more detail.

I used the word “transparent” in the title of the review for a reason. The fact is that OPPO Enco Air3 has a case with a transparent lid. Such “things” are not common in TWS headphones, and at least for now they are quite fresh and interesting in their own way. And there is a corresponding illustration on the front wall. In addition, there is an image of the headphones themselves – it is possible to estimate the design of the product quite well, even without the need to look inside the box. Of course, no one has forgotten the logo and the name of the product.

There is much more to come. Some of the most interesting technical data is listed in several languages, as well as a list of key features and much more.

The scope of delivery

And now pay attention: why is there no charging cable included in the package? Personally, this is the first time I’ve encountered this. I’ll leave this “question” unanswered for now – I’ll make a request to the manufacturer, and I’ll post the answer in the form of a news item after the fact.

As for the package, it includes headphones, a case, and a short user manual in several languages.

Technical specifications of OPPO Enco Air3

  • Loudspeaker – 13.4 mm, sensitivity – 125±3 dB at 1 kHz, range – 20~20 kHz, microphone sensitivity -38 dBV/Pa;
  • Bluetooth – AAC/SBC (music), CVSD/MSBC (talk), BT5.3, range – 10 m;
  • The water resistance class (headphones) is IP54;
  • Dimensions: 3.7 g ± 0.1 g, weight (product): 37.4 g ± 0.2 g, size (headphones): 33.1*18.45*17.10 mm, size (package): 56.55*51.6*26 mm.

Case materials

Everything is simple on this point: both the case and the headphone body are made of glossy plastic. The material is the same in style, as well as in its density. In addition to the mentioned material, there is a transparent plastic lid on the case itself.

Subjectively, the latter can be called an interesting decorative element of the product – at least for now, you will not find something like this very often.

As for the metal, the situation here is, so to speak, classic – the edging of the USB Type C port directly on the case, the hinge for the lid plus contact pads directly on the headphones themselves and inside the case. I’m sure there’s no need to explain what the latter are for. Most likely, the metal component inside is not limited to contact pads, but given the non-separable case and headphones (which is the norm for solutions of this kind), I cannot say what exactly is made of metal inside.

Impressions of the build quality

As for the build quality, everything is cool. Yes, it is easy to see that the body of the headphones is not one solid piece – there are three elements as such. The “mosaic” is assembled more than cool – the seams are almost invisible, and therefore at the first cursory acquaintance, we can conclude that the case is monolithic.

By the way, the IP54 protection standard, i.e., against splashes, also speaks in favor of high-quality assembly. Thus, if you get caught in the rain while jogging, or, as they say, sweat too much during a workout, you should not worry about damage under the appropriate moisture action – the manufacturer has provided for this.

But it is not worth hiding “sweaty” headphones in a case – the latter does not have appropriate protection. As for the build quality of the latter, everything is fine here – both materials and their fit are at an excellent level. Absolutely everyone will be satisfied here, including outright skeptics.

Body color versions

OPPO Enco Air3 is offered by the manufacturer in two colors – purple Misty Purple and white Glaze White. In our editorial office, the product was in a more universal white color. However, personally, I have no doubt that both of these colors will be mega-interesting – they did their best with real knowledge of their business.

About the design

What did I personally like here? The first is the elongated leg compared to most of the competitors available today. This is not only an additional convenience and an element of the headphone mounting, but also just a beautiful “detail” of the decor. The second is an elegant streamlined case of white or purple color. The third is a good combination of materials of the case and the complementary LED. And the fourth is the elegance of the product – it is an equally interesting solution for both men and women.

We have conducted some “research”, and based on the results, we can safely say that we have an equally cool solution for the ears of both gentlemen and charming ladies. By the way, it’s an interesting and even very inexpensive gift idea for the upcoming holidays.


In general, there are no questions here – the procedure is simple and intuitive, and therefore not problematic, even if this is your first experience. The system “finds” them quickly and without any “dancing with a tambourine”. The connection is stable!

Regarding such a feature as pairing with a new sound source when the headphones are already connected to one. What to do? You need to take the headphones out of the case, press and hold the corresponding touch pads on them simultaneously for 4 seconds. Is it difficult? Personally, I don’t think so.

Supported technologies

Supported technologies

Now let’s talk about what’s actually inside and a little bit outside. The first thing worth noting is the 13.4 mm speaker. The latter is made of polymer composite. In practice, it provides soft sound of high frequencies and full midrange. The “potential” is complemented by powerful neodymium magnets of the flagship N48 class and copper-aluminum alloy coils 1.9 m long for exceptional speaker sensitivity.

Another interesting “feature” of the model is the presence of HiFi 5 DSP processor under the hood, which processes sound. The latter is able to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

HiFi 5 DSP processor

За посилення басів та чистий вокал відповідає Enco Master.

Наявна тут функція OPPO Alive Audio створена для захоплюючого об’ємного звучання з ефектом присутності.

OPPO Alive Audio

And don’t forget about Bluetooth 5.3, which offers improved connection stability, no latency, and energy efficiency.

Bluetooth 5.3

Impressions of sound quality

Everything is cool with the sound. No, not even that – everything is very cool. In its price category, we have one of the best offers and this is proved by both technologies “under the hood” and my own experience. Everything mentioned above is not implemented here for show, and I had enough time to draw these conclusions.

Battery life

The manufacturer guarantees up to 6 hours of headphone autonomy on a single 100% charge at a maximum volume of 50-60%. In practice, I listened at 85% volume for 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Expert opinion

To summarize, we have an excellent example of affordable TWS headphones with well-thought-out controls, excellent design and sound quality that meets the tastes of even the most demanding users. A really good gift for the upcoming holidays and beyond.

The estimated cost of OPPO Enco Air3 is 1600 UAH (42 USD).


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