Open data helps to check new buildings

New property protection mechanism has been launched in Ukraine

More than half of Ukrainian new buildings have lawsuits over land plots. To enable Ukrainians to independently check buildings for legality and avoid problems when buying a home, the Opendatabot team has launched a new free project “Opendatabot. Corruption risks of new buildings”.

Opendatabot collects data

To keep the information about new buildings up-to-date, Opendatabot collects and analyzes public data from the following sources:

  • Register of construction activities.
  • The Unified State Register of Court Decisions.
  • State land cadastre.
  • Unified state register.
  • The State Register of Real Property Rights.

Open data helps to check new buildings

For whom

“Opendatabot. Corruption risks of new buildings” will be interesting for:

  • homebuyers – to make informed decisions when buying a home and monitor the reliability of the developer;
  • Investigative journalists and civic activists – to monitor proper urban planning and detect violations in time.

In November 2023, Opendatabot won the national Open Datathon reUkraine competition. This is a national competition of technology projects based on open data aimed at finding solutions that increase the transparency of government agencies and prevent corruption.

You can use the service by clicking on the link.


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