New Galaxy Ring with a display patented by Samsung

New Galaxy Ring with a display patented by Samsung

The first Samsung Galaxy Ring will be unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10 in Paris. While we wait for the announcement, 91mobiles has exclusively discovered a patent application for what looks like a Samsung smart ring filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in May 2024. This reveals some key details and design. We speculate that this could be a potential successor, likely to be called the Galaxy Ring 2.

Will the new Samsung Galaxy Ring get a display?

  • The Samsung Galaxy Ring teasers show a full round ring design with the necessary sensors placed in the inner layer.
  • However, the new version that appeared in the patents shows a square outer layer and a round inner layer with all the necessary sensors.
  • The ring also looks somewhat elongated and is not a single-circular ring design.
  • There can be two displays on the Galaxy Ring. If we tap on an icon on the first display, the content/information will appear on the second screen.
  • Both of these screens will interact with each other based on the data entered.
    Galactic Ring
  • The display unit will likely come in handy for interacting with and viewing workout stats, heart rate, checking notifications, call alerts, and more.
  • This will be a new addition to the successor, and knowing Samsung, it could be an AMOLED panel.
  • Patent images show that the Galaxy Ring will have support for galvanic skin response (GSR), SPO2, PPG, ECG measurement, and will also have a temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, fingerprint sensor, and a switch.
  • Connectivity options may include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, NFC, and MST (magnetic secure transfer) technologies for payments.

The patent documents indicate that there will be multiple ring sizes, as this is a “smart” ring and users’ finger sizes can vary greatly. There will be 27 ring sizes in South Korea and 65 sizes in the US. When a device is divided into multiple sizes, the design changes accordingly, which will also lead to an increase in price.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Ring has just received a patent listing, there is no telling if this will ever become a reality. This is considering the inclusion of a display unit, which is a big challenge to make it functional in a smaller area like a ring. There is also a possibility that this could remain just a potential design idea, just like Samsung’s OLED headset, OLED Smart Speaker, OLED Cling Band, and others that were shown at MWC 2024.

Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to make its debut on July 10. Removing the Samsung Health app APK revealed some features, including stress monitoring, which can check electrodermal activity, skin temperature, heart rate variability, and activity level, heart rate tracking, which can check the pulse in the finger area, snoring detection, which can detect snoring while sleeping but requires the phone to be near, and menstruation monitoring, which uses skin temperature analysis.


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