MWC 2024: Oppo introduces AI-powered smart glasses Air Glass 3 XR and AndesGPT

MWC 2024: Oppo introduces AI-powered smart glasses Air Glass 3 XR and AndesGPT

MWC 2024 has brought exciting news from Oppo, which has unveiled Air Glass 3 XR, setting a new standard for its AI-enabled products. This product is the successor to Air Glass 2. Oppo’s latest prototype aims to simplify the use of artificial intelligence by bridging the gap between technology and everyday life. And these lightweight glasses could be the perfect answer to this problem!

The display of the glasses has a brightness level of up to 1000 nits.

Air Glass 3 XR, a lightweight device weighing just 50 grams, is designed for comfort. Its high quality resin waveguide has a refractive index of 1.70, which ensures clear vision. With a brightness level of up to 1000 nits, these glasses are designed to work in all lighting conditions. These glasses not only help you see the world clearly, but also interact with it effortlessly. A special feature of these glasses is a bright full-color display that rivals others in its class in terms of image quality.

Oppo has integrated its AndesGPT AI assistant into Air Glass 3, allowing users to execute voice commands and interact with the device through touch. Users can control music, receive calls, get information, and scroll through photos with a simple command or swipe. The addition of four strategically placed microphones demonstrates Oppo’s focus on delivering clear sound even in noisy environments.

As devices like Apple’s Vision Pro pave the way for future augmented and virtual reality glasses, it’s a great chance for other companies to present their own take on the technology, such as this one. Remember when Google Glass was released and didn’t become a hit? It may not have been the best time for the technology to enter the market, but times are changing. As more sophisticated iterations of products like Oppo’s glasses hit the market, more customer feedback can help these devices become better. In the meantime, let’s see how the Oppo Air Glass 3 XR fares in a somewhat competitive market.


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