LinkedIn extensions to increase productivity

LinkedIn extensions to increase productivity

LinkedIn has become one of the best social networks for doing business. It is designed specifically for communication between company representatives and convenient B2B interaction, thanks to which the statistics of platform usage regularly grows. Although the platform’s interface is comfortable for business use, the social network’s capabilities can be significantly enhanced with the help of LinkedIn extensions and additional tools.

Ivan Prokopets, CEO and Co-Founder of Prok Tech shared the best tools that will allow you to use LinkedIn’s potential to the maximum, as well as told about the platform’s policy regarding them and possible restrictions.

The expert notes that the platform is effective even without extensions, but modifications allow you to make all actions easier, faster, and work with a larger audience. The standard LinkedIn can be rated 7/10, but with additional tools, its capabilities increase to 10/10. The following programs are worth mentioning:

  • Dux-Soup.A browser extension that allows you to automate sending requests to be added to the network. Thanks to this extension, you can focus on processing responses rather than sending requests mechanically.
  • tool that automates work with LinkedIn and Email Outreach. It can automate interaction with leads, send requests to be added to the network, like and send emails, although the latter function needs to be improved.
  • Phantom Buster. An extension that helps to parse the audience and download it in a convenient CSV format for further lead generation. The platform has a much broader functionality, which includes automation of actions in various social networks, including LinkedIn. The latest updates include the function of generating and sending requests to be added to the network using AI.
  • extension that combines a large database of potential customers with tools for automating and working with them.
  • suite of tools that combines tools for finding and verifying mailboxes, email campaigns, a CRM system, and many other applications.

Чек-лист при лідогенерації у LinkedIn

In addition to third-party tools, you shouldn’t forget about the Sales Navigator subscription, which compensates for most of the shortcomings of the free version. Of course, the best results come from combining it with the aforementioned tools, as well as a detailed understanding of LinkedIn’s algorithms. Sometimes it is enough to know some life hacks, such as increasing the limit of the number of requests per week by sending InMails and searching for Open Profiles.

However, LinkedIn has a peculiar attitude towards third-party software. When asked if you can get your account banned for installing extensions, the answer is no, if you use them correctly and carefully. If you send a large number of requests, you may get a temporary ban. If you violate LinkedIn’s terms of use, you can get a temporary or permanent block.

It is possible to get restrictions through tools such as Expandi or Dux-Soup, but usually does not come to a permanent block. The best advice is to use browser anti-detection and proxies. The expert emphasizes that you should log in to your account from no more than 3 IP addresses and one country and avoid behavior that differs significantly from human behavior.

Prok Tech also has several interesting cases related to working with the above-mentioned extensions. For example, with the help of Dux-Soup, we managed to book 24 meetings with clients for a well-known business club in 6 weeks. And in May last year, we managed to set a record with one personal account and booked about 30 meetings using a mailing list for the IT audience in Ukraine;

Extensions make it possible to get the most out of the platform by speeding up interaction and increasing the scale of your campaigns. However, their use, like any program, requires caution and a responsible approach.


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