Lifecell uses lead generation to attract customers

Lifecell uses lead generation to attract customers

Lifecell mobile operator invites partners to cooperate within the new B2B direction “Lead Generation”, which will allow partner companies to generate additional income with a minimum of operational efforts.

Lead generation is a simple and mutually beneficial B2B partnership for attracting new customers, which allows the partner company to earn more by comprehensively addressing customer needs. For this purpose, the partner does not need additional resources and time, and the cooperation is implemented on the basis of the company’s core business.

Potential partners of lifecell in Lead Generation can be companies that have their own B2B products, mainly but not necessarily related to telecom, and an established partner network. Such a partnership can be most successful for marketing agencies, companies that sell virtual PBXs, call center solutions, and CRM systems, as well as for companies that specialize in integrating B2B services or products.

How Lead Generation works

The Lead Generation algorithm is simple and transparent:

  1. After signing a contract with a lead generator partner, its team is provided with a short basic training on lifecell products – converged solutions and Big Data.
  2. When communicating with customers and offering their services, the partner also presents lifecell products.
  3. In case of interest, the partner transfers the customer’s contacts to lifecell as a lead, which is processed by the manager.
  4. The partner is paid a remuneration for each lead that concludes a contract with lifecell.

lifecell offers its lead generator partners to present their customers with products that are essential for the efficient operation of any company today:

  • Converged solutions – a set of solutions for organizing high-quality business telephony for work from the office and beyond. The leader in this group is the unified FMC network, which integrates communication between offices, mobile and fixed-line phones of company employees into a single corporate network with short numbering and intelligent call processing. The product is in high demand and is recognized for its quality and stability.
  • Big Data is a variety of systems for processing large amounts of information, which help companies gain competitive advantages in the market and, as a result, increase sales. Big data analysis allows you to identify the target audience (TA) and its needs, correctly set up targeting and build communication with customers, select effective marketing tools, and thus opens up many opportunities for businesses.


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