Latest Android 15 update adds support for satellite communications

Latest Android 15 update adds support for satellite communications

Google is continuing the Android 15 preview phase with the release of Developer Preview 2 (DP2). It builds on the previous version launched last month, but, like the previous version, remains focused on developers who are preparing applications for the new operating system. A public beta version is expected in April.

The main change in Android 15 DP2 is the support for satellite communications at the operating system level. Now the OS has interface elements designed to ensure consistent operation with devices connected to satellites.

Android 15 Satellite Connectivity

Applications can also detect whether the device is using a satellite network and adjust their functionality accordingly. Basic messaging services, such as SMS/MMS and pre-installed RCS applications, can also use the satellite connection for communication.

In addition, Android 15 DP2 makes it easier to work with PDFs in applications. Developers can now add rendering for password-protected PDFs, annotations, as well as search, edit, and highlight capabilities within the document.

Updates to PDF rendering will come via Google Play updates and will not depend on major Android releases. Google also says that local PDF viewing in Android 15 should be faster and use fewer resources.

Other notable improvements in Developer Preview 2 include smoother NFC payments and improvements to automatic language switching for audio recognition.

Developers can also now customize the display of their app on the smaller cover screen of flip-style folding phones. Google says that “these screens are too small to be considered compatible targets for running Android apps,” but they still give developers the option.

What’s more, Android 15 can also detect if an app is being recorded to improve user privacy. To improve audio quality, Google is introducing a new volume standard that should reduce inconsistency when switching between different audio content.

Last but not least, the Do Not Disturb mode now offers additional customization, allowing users to prioritize certain rules and trigger actions such as black and white display, night mode, and wallpaper blackout.


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