Large-scale cyberattack hits 18 hospitals across Romania

Large-scale cyberattack hits 18 hospitals across Romania

A recent ransomware attack caused significant disruption to 18 hospitals across Romania, bringing them to a standstill. The attack targeted the Hipocrate Information System (HIS), which is essential for managing patient care and medical records. As a result, the system is currently down, and hospitals are struggling to maintain the usual level of care.

Patient data and medical records are currently unavailable

The attack occurred on the night of February 11-12, 2024, and encrypted databases and files. The Romanian Ministry of Health has recognized the seriousness of the situation and is actively working to resolve it. Efforts are underway to restore the affected systems under the guidance of IT and cybersecurity experts from the National Directorate for Cybersecurity (DNSC).

The impact of the ransomware attack is widespread and affects a variety of medical facilities, including regional hospitals and cancer centers. To prevent further damage, the Ministry of Health has stepped up security measures for other hospitals that were not affected by the attack.

Details about the ransomware group behind the attack or the specifics of the compromised data are not yet known. RSC, the vendor of the HIS system, has not yet made a public statement on the incident.

Incidents like this expose the vulnerability of healthcare systems to cyberattacks and further increase the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive patient data and ensure the continuity of critical healthcare services. This is a sector that cannot afford major downtime like this, and for obvious reasons!


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