Kyivstar supports demining of the territory of Ukraine

Kyivstar supports demining of the territory of Ukraine

Demine Ukraine is a state program to clear the territory of Ukraine of explosive devices and mine contamination left by Russian aggression. Kyivstar supports this program in various ways.

The first forum on humanitarian demining, Demine Ukraine Forum

174 thousand square kilometers

The first forum on humanitarian demining, Demine Ukraine Forum, was recently held in Kyiv. The event was aimed at an open discussion on actions to speed up demining and the country’s plans.

The forum brought together representatives of Ukrainian government agencies, embassies of donor countries, mine action operators, domestic manufacturers of survey and demining equipment, telecommunications and agricultural sector representatives.

“Humanitarian demining is more than just the removal of mines or other explosive devices. It is about enabling people to return to their homes and be safe. It is about economic recovery and rebuilding the country. Finally, it is about food security in the world. Mine clearance is the zero stage of our country’s recovery and an important step to returning full life to the de-occupied lands,” said First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko.

Currently, 174,000 square kilometers of land in Ukraine, including the temporarily occupied territories, are potentially contaminated with explosive remnants of war, and about 6 million people are at risk.

Konstantin Vechir, Kyivstar's Director of Business Development in the corporate marketKonstantin Vechir, Kyivstar's Director of Business Development in the corporate market

Help from Kyivstar

Engineers of mobile operators enter the de-occupied settlements immediately after the Armed Forces of Ukraine to establish communication. In particular, Kyivstar develops technological solutions to speed up demining and launches social initiatives to protect sappers and improve their work efficiency.

“As a socially responsible business, we have supported and will continue to support important initiatives for the country, being a reliable partner for the state and citizens,” said Konstantin Vechir, Kyivstar’s Director of Business Development in the corporate market, in his speech at the forum.

Kyivstar has launched a new commercial service for businesses – RTK correction signal for accurate positioning in real time, which can be used in de-mining, agriculture and logistics.

In addition, in May of this year, the national mobile operator, together with the army’s Come Back Alive competent assistance fund, initiated the We Live Here project, a fundraiser to provide equipment and transport for 146 engineering and demining groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The funds will be used to purchase vehicles, metal detectors, copters, sapper bags, and other equipment. Kyivstar has already transferred UAH 20 million to the collection.

Join the initiative

So far, the initiative has raised UAH 105 million. Thanks to the accumulated funds, 15 more engineer groups have recently received assistance, and a total of 31 engineer groups have already been equipped with the necessary equipment. The cost of one set with a vehicle is UAH 1.2 million. The fundraising campaign to raise UAH 175 million will continue until the full amount is raised. Anyone can join the initiative by following this link:

Kyivstar remains focused on the importance of humanitarian demining and aims to support the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and other relevant government agencies to promote innovation in this area.


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