Kyivstar has connected 3960 settlements to 4G during the war


Kyivstar has connected 3,960 settlements to 4G since 2022. Currently, Kyivstar’s high-speed mobile Internet is available to almost 95% of the population in the government-controlled areas.

Strengthening the resilience of the telecom network and building 4G coverage is Kyivstar’s main infrastructure task. Thus, from February 2022 to the present day, the coverage area of the 4G network has increased by almost 4 thousand settlements.

For this purpose, the telecom operator built 1400 new 4G base stations and upgraded the existing equipment at 12 thousand base stations. Thanks to the upgrades, the telecom operator managed to expand its radio coverage, increase Internet speed and equipment stability even under high network loads.

In addition, Kyivstar is actively building 4G radio coverage for national and international highways. The company launched this project in January 2022 and in less than a year has provided stable 4G connection on 7 thousand kilometers of international highways and more than 5 thousand kilometers of national highways. In particular, the Kyiv-Lviv, Kyiv-Chop, Odesa-Chisinau highways have 4G coverage along almost the entire length of the road.

Thanks to the development of 4G, subscribers have started using mobile internet more. Thus, since 2022, Internet usage has increased by 54% per subscriber, and the number of customers using 4G connection has increased by 13.5%.

Over the past 21 months, Kyivstar‘s investments in the development and restoration of telecom infrastructure exceeded UAH 9.7 billion. Kyivstar’s high-speed mobile Internet is currently available to 94.7% of the population in the government-controlled areas where mobile networks have been restored.

Over the next three years, the telecom operator plans to invest USD 600 million in Ukraine to rebuild infrastructure in the de-occupied settlements and develop new communication technologies.


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