iPhone 17 may get an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant display

iPhone 17 may get an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant display

Apple’s next year’s flagship iPhone, expected in late 2025, may get a significant display upgrade if a recent leak proves true. According to a post on Weibo by leaker Instant Digital, the iPhone 17 could have an “ultra-hard anti-reflective layer” that boasts superior scratch resistance compared to the current ceramic screen used in the iPhone 15.

The leak suggests that Apple has purchased new coating equipment from Japan and integrated it into its Chinese supply chain. This equipment is likely intended for future iPhones, with the iPhone 17 being a prime candidate as it will not be ready for the upcoming iPhone 16 launch.

These rumors are in line with the ongoing development of display technology. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 Ultra uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass Armor, known for its impressive 75% reduction in glare and significant improvement in scratch resistance compared to other smartphone displays.

Although the leak doesn’t directly mention Gorilla Glass Armor, Apple’s longstanding partnership with Corning and similar characteristics suggest that similar technology could be used in the iPhone 17. It’s also possible that Corning is developing a customized solution for Apple under a different brand name.

Apple is currently using the “Ceramic Shield” technology developed in conjunction with Corning, which offers improved drop protection compared to previous iPhones. However, advances by competitors such as Samsung seem to have pushed the envelope.

If this leak proves to be accurate, it means that the iPhone 17 could mark a significant leap in display technology for Apple. With improved scratch resistance and reduced glare, users can expect a more durable and visually appealing phone.


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