Huawei to hold HarmonyOS ecosystem event in China on January 18

Huawei to hold HarmonyOS ecosystem event in China on January 18

Huawei has announced that on January 18, in China, it will host a HarmonyOS ecosystem event called the “Hongmeng Eco Thousand Sail Sailing Ceremony”. Although many are hoping to see a new version of HarmonyOS called “NEXT”, the main focus of this event is different.

Instead of launching a new operating system, Huawei plans to dive into future innovation strategies and demonstrate progress in developing native applications for HarmonyOS. The event will also offer hands-on experience with the existing HarmonyOS ecosystem.

Huawei is eager to connect with potential partners and explore business opportunities that will benefit users. Attendees and online viewers will be able to interact with key executives, ask questions, and gain insight into the future of HarmonyOS.

The event will be held in eight major cities in China, namely: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan and Changsha, making it accessible to a wide audience. Registration is simple and can be done via the link provided.

As for HarmonyOS NEXT, Huawei is expected to release the first developer preview in the first half of 2024. Although the launch is still a few months away, it is important to note that recently, large Chinese companies have begun to develop native apps for HarmonyOS NEXT. Such well-known companies as iQiyi, Alipay, Meituan, MiHoYo, Bilibili, and Amap have already joined the project.

Wu Hao, CEO of Huawei Interactive Media Corps and president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Service Interactive Media BU, announced last month that more than 700 million devices are now part of the Hongmeng ecosystem.

Huawei works with partners in various sectors such as gaming, social media, travel, business, and hospitality. These partnerships focus on developing native applications for Hongmeng in 18 different industries.

Meanwhile, according to a recent TechInsights report, it is predicted that by 2024, HarmonyOS from Huawei will overtake Apple’s iOS to become the second most popular smartphone operating system in China.


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