How Ukrainian IT companies help mobilized employees

How Ukrainian IT companies help mobilized employees

The mobilization was a challenge for Ukrainian businesses. The need to defend the country has led to an outflow of specialists, which has had an impact on economic processes. Nevertheless, Ukrainian business continues to develop and is facing the most difficult times.

Residents of the European Association of Software Engineering (EASE) shared their experience of mobilizing employees and the current situation with the draft.

Which wave of mobilization was the most serious

Maksym Kurochko, managing partner and attorney at law at MK Legal Service, said that from the first days of the invasion, four lawyers volunteered for the army. At the same time, they held important positions for the company, such as heads of tax, corporate and IT/TMT practices. As of February 2022, the company’s staff consisted of 11 people, which means that almost 40% of the employees joined the army.

February-March 2022 was the most difficult period. Although all employees went to war voluntarily, it was a serious blow to business processes. The company’s way out of the difficult situation was to book its management team in accordance with the requirements of the law.

How to book employees

Maksym also shared the main data related to the reservation in accordance with the CMU Resolution No. 76 of January 27, 2023. First of all, the company must be recognized as critical to the economy. The next step is that the employee undergoing the reservation must have updated and current military credentials. In addition, the military specialty must not fall under the shortage military specialties. The only exception is if the employee is a member of the company’s management team, in which case he or she can be booked regardless of specialty.

Since the topic of mobilization has become extremely important for Ukrainians, MK Legal Service provides legal services to other IT companies: it helps with booking issues, illegal actions by the Military Commissariat, and recognizing companies as critical to the economy. Maksym emphasizes that there are already cases of successful booking of citizens who directly provide the frontline with the necessary goods and services.

IT фахівець на фронті

How companies help employees at the frontline

Diana Yasko, Employer Brand Specialist at Uptech, also shared the company’s policy on mobilized colleagues. According to her, Uptech employees also joined the ranks of the Armed Forces and territorial defense right at the beginning of the invasion, which made the team proud. However, the company managed to avoid losses due to the fact that most team members returned to work on the first day of the invasion.

The company takes care of all the needs of its military colleagues, providing them with the necessary equipment and assistance. Additionally, the company provides financial support for its colleagues and supports their families with donations.

In addition, employees who are at war have the option to return to work at any time. The company also dedicates time to providing counseling support to team members to keep its employees informed about the legal aspects of mobilization.

Despite the fact that the mobilization of employees causes problems for business, Ukrainian IT companies continue to help their mobilized employees and contribute to the defense of the country.


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