Google Pixel 9 series will receive satellite communication with Samsung modem

Google Pixel 9 series will receive satellite communication with Samsung modem

The upcoming Google Pixel 9 series, which is expected to be released later this year, may introduce a feature that was not available in previous Pixel phones: satellite connectivity.

According to Android Authority, citing a Google insider, the Pixel 9 will use Samsung’s new Modem 5400, which will allow it to connect to satellites via 5G nonterrestrial networks (NTN). This means the ability to send emergency messages in remote locations where cellular service is not available.

It is reported that T-Mobile will initially offer this service using SpaceX’s Starlink network, which operates on the principle of “direct connection to mobile communications.” Initially, users will be able to send text messages but not make calls.

SpaceX recently received FCC approval to expand Starlink cellular testing across the United States, including tests in several states and preparations for global testing.

Earlier in March, SpaceX successfully completed tests of its Starlink mobile service using unmodified phones from leading manufacturers, including the Pixel line.

Android Authority reports that emergency text messages on Pixel 9 will respond to specific prompts, allowing emergency services to optimize communication and provide assistance faster. The functionality mirrors Apple’s Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone.

In February, Google announced a partnership with AST SpaceMobile to develop satellite communications for Android devices. As part of this partnership, Google, along with mobile operators AT&T and Vodafone, invested $110 million in AST SpaceMobile, a company that develops orbiting space cell towers.

The second developer preview of Android 15 further enhanced the existing support for satellite roaming.

Vice President of Engineering Dave Burke emphasized that the release includes “interface elements to provide a consistent user experience across the satellite communications landscape” and provides support for satellite communications for both proprietary and third-party Google messaging applications.

In addition to the Pixel 9 series, Android Authority reports that satellite connectivity is also expected in the next generation of Pixel Fold.


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