Google Cloud and Hitachi announce partnership in GenAI

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Today, Hitachi and Google Cloud announced a multi-year partnership. As part of the announced partnership, Hitachi plans to train more than 50,000 GenAI specialists to work with AI solutions and Google Cloud technologies to provide quality customer support.

Such partnerships accelerate the introduction of innovations and solutions based on generative artificial intelligence, which is the future of corporate development today. In 2023, Fortune 500 companies, including clients of GlobalLogic, invested an average of $7 million in implementing GenAI tools. It is expected that these investments will grow 2.5-5 times by 2024.

GlobalLogic has already created a platform that will help companies securely implement GenAI, regardless of the language model they choose. Creating a GenAI system built on proprietary data costs millions of dollars.

GlobalLogic’s new platform will help implement generative artificial intelligence by securely leveraging existing language models and internal company data. This will allow customers to save money on GenAI implementation. GlobalLogic’s platform was developed by 80 engineers from Ukraine. Today, the platform is being tested at Hitachi Group, and its release to customers is scheduled for the fall of 2024.

Areas of partnership

The partnership will also focus on the following areas:

  • New GenAI solutions for software modernization and customer service. Hitachi will use Gemini models to create solutions that will help companies efficiently modernize legacy software systems; Hitachi will also use Google Cloud Contact Center AI to provide more effective customer service. For example, with the help of Google Cloud Agent Assist, customer service representatives will be able to receive help and suggestions for solving problems in real time.

This will improve their productivity and speed of support. The new solutions will be compatible with the architecture of GlobalLogic’s Platform of Platforms, which is designed for the needs of the so-called Intelligent Enterprise. These are innovative companies that actively implement modern technologies in business processes at all levels.

  • Providing safe and secure GenAI solutions for on-premises and cloud environments. Hitachi’s new solutions will enable enterprises to modernize their operations in their existing environment, whether they are running in the cloud or on-premises. The solutions will also be compatible with Virtual Storage Platform One so that users can build GenAI applications using data stored on Hitachi’s hybrid cloud platform, Vantara.
  • Joint go-to-market initiatives. Hitachi and Google Cloud will join forces with their engineering, sales, and marketing teams to provide customers across industries with access to the resources they need to optimally deploy and manage GenAI projects. The initiative will combine the efforts of Hitachi’s Google Cloud Business Unit and Google Cloud CoE teams, including GenAI professionals who are trained by Hitachi on Google Cloud technologies.
  • Supporting the development of GenAI talent. Hitachi’s GenAI professionals play a crucial role in supporting the transformation of customer companies using artificial intelligence. Hitachi will train more than 50,000 GenAI professionals through its global program, which will include training on AI solutions and Gen Google Cloud technology.


Fruitful cooperation

GlobalLogic and Google Cloud have been working together for more than 15 years to help companies effectively achieve their business goals and scale growth.

“Through this partnership, Hitachi will leverage the power of Google Cloud AI to increase employee productivity and accelerate innovation. By empowering our development and customer success teams with Google Cloud GenAI solutions such as the Vertex AI and Gemini models, Hitachi will be able to better meet the needs of its customers in a variety of complex industries such as energy, automotive, manufacturing, and digital services,” said Toshiaki Tokunaga, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hitachi.

Nitesh Banga, general manager of Hitachi’s Digital Engineering business unit and president and CEO of GlobalLogic, added: “This global alliance aligns Hitachi’s market strategy with Google Cloud to deliver outstanding results. We are defining clear areas of collaboration, increasing efficiency and delivering solutions faster for our customers. Establishing the Google Cloud business unit is our focus and investment to quickly get to market and turn innovation into rapid profit growth.”

“To solve complex business problems with generative artificial intelligence, enterprises need modern technologies and technical expertise to successfully deploy them in their organizations,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

According to him, the partnership with Hitachi will provide customers with the resources they need to optimally create, implement, and manage every stage of their generative AI projects.


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