GlobalLogic team developed the Software-Defined Vehicle

GlobalLogic team developed the Software-Defined Vehicle

In 2023, GlobalLogic team developed the first SDV (Software-Defined Vehicle) solution in Ukraine that is ready for deployment. GlobalLogic’s SDV Cloud Framework has already been recognized by industry leaders, as the project was presented at the Amazon AWS booth at CES 2024 in the United States.

SDV (Software-Defined Vehicle) will provide cars with expanded functionality through an online process of software updates. This is necessary to continuously improve the driving experience for people. SDV technology will determine the future of the automotive industry in the next 5-10 years: this is confirmed by both analytical centers and major automakers. According to analytics, the market for SDV solution providers will double, and software will become a key factor in the competition in the automotive market.

Sergii Naida, Associate Vice President of Engineering at GlobalLogic Ukraine

“With our solution and a new approach to development, finished vehicles will be available to the end user faster. This becomes possible due to the reduction of resources and time required for software development and testing,” says Sergii Naida, Associate Vice President of Engineering at GlobalLogic Ukraine.

“As testing and feature development are happening in the cloud, the solution reduces the cost of software implementation by 30% and speeds up this process by 60%. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), this solution makes it easier to update car software and personalize functionality using AI algorithms.

“Development of the SDV solution has already created new projects for Ukrainian engineers. At the same time, with our product, Ukraine has joined global trends and become an important player in this market,” comments Oleksandr Syvashenko, Senior Project Manager at GlobalLogic Ukraine.


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