Features of cooling technology in Xiaomi 13T Pro

Features of cooling technology in Xiaomi 13T Pro

Not so long ago, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi introduced new products – the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro models. These gadgets immediately attracted increased attention due to their powerful features and advanced technologies. The flagship Xiaomi 13T Pro is particularly impressive, where the developers have paid special attention to the cooling system. Let’s talk about the gadget’s innovations.

Cooling technology in Xiaomi 13T Pro

One of the key features of Xiaomi 13T Pro is an innovative system based on an evaporation chamber. According to the company, in normal operation, the new smartphone heats up to only 35.5°C. This is 3°C lower than the similar figure for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. In game mode, the gadget’s advantage is 1°C. And this is very good, considering that Xiaomi 13T Pro on allo.ua is one and a half times cheaper.

Such outstanding performance was made possible by the use of advanced engineering solutions to remove heat from key components. The developers paid great attention to creating an efficient multilayer cooling system.

How the cooling system works

The technology in Xiaomi 13T Pro includes several key elements:

  1. An evaporation chamber that works on the principle of heat pipes. It absorbs heat from the processor, causing the liquid to evaporate. The vapor condenses on a cold surface, releasing heat to the outside.
  2. Graphite sheet with high thermal conductivity. It distributes heat over the entire area of the phone.
  3. Steel heat pipes and graphite plates. These materials have high thermal conductivity.
  4. Multilayer housing design for optimal heat dissipation.

In total, the cooling plate covers 5000 mm2, which is considered one of the largest in the industry. Such a well-thought-out system allows you to quickly and efficiently remove heat from the processor, battery, and other components of the smartphone that get hot.

Advantages of the cooling system

The innovative cooling technology in Xiaomi 13T Pro offers a number of important advantages:

  1. ensures consistently high performance of the smartphone under prolonged intensive loads;
  2. prevents the gadget from overheating and slowing down when running resource-intensive applications and games;
  3. allows you to use iron-demanding applications for longer without the risk of overheating;
  4. contributes to the long service life of components due to their operation in the optimal temperature range.

In addition, the system ensures comfortable use of the smartphone – the case remains cool even under high loads, and it is comfortable to hold in your hand regardless of the task at hand.

The cooling technology implemented in Xiaomi 13T Pro is considered an important breakthrough for mobile devices. Efficient heat dissipation allows the processor to run at maximum speed without the risk of overheating. Users get high performance and comfort under any load.


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