Expert advises on how to counteract the Wi-Fi hunt complex

Expert advises on how to counteract the Wi-Fi hunt complex

The Russian army is using a new Wi-Fi hunting system called Vyuga 1.5 RTM, which detects Starlink systems, video cameras, drone control systems, routers, etc.

This was written by Serhiy Flesh (Beskrestnov), a specialist and consultant in the field of military radio technologies, in his post.

Вьюга 1.5

Vyuga 1.5

In their slides, the developers note that Vyuga 1.5 RTM provides detection and disabling of devices that use IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n communication.

The system uses a directional antenna over the water to pick up a signal from a router 7 kilometers away. Along the Dnipro River, the device detected Wi-Fi from Starlink systems.

“As many as 6 routers per 100 kilometers with ‘thousands’ of terminals. I believe it,” the expert says.

Характеристики комплексу полювання за Wi-Fi

Features of the Wi-Fi hunting complex

  • Monitoring: access points, devices connected to them, requests for connection to access points;
  • Identification of objects by markers and fingerprints and automatic generation of alarms in case of a match;
  • The battery life is up to 120 minutes and can be extended with an additional external battery or on-board network;
  • Can be used offline (without a remote server and GNSS);
  • Unified dust and waterproof design;
  • Work in conditions of interruptions or lack of communication;
  • The mode of forced disconnection of the device’s communication channels;
  • Automatic geolocation of detected objects;
  • A common database of detected objects;
  • Management:
    • Autonomous workstation (laptop, tablet);
    • Remote server.

Tips from the Flash

Sergiy Flesh advises:

  1. Place the router only underground. Then it will not be “visible” from the surface
  2. Name networks as neutrally as possible. Not “KSP_37_OMBR”.
  3. No one with such a compass and an external parabolic antenna from Russia will fly to zero. They want to live.
  4. UAVs can “paint” the router through the wooden floor of the dugout. Minimize the number of clients connected to the router at the same time. Disconnect the router when you are done. If you need the router only for the dugout, cover it with something iron on top. The signal will still be sufficient.
  5. They are not interested in the router, they are interested in how many people are on it. If you have a lot of customers, you’re in trouble.


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