Drone Army sends more than 600 drones to the front

Drone Army sends more than 600 drones to the front

Among the drones are traditional Mavic and Matrice, as well as Ukrainian-made drones. Remember that drones are a consumable at the front, just like ammunition. That is why it is necessary to maximize resources to provide the army with drones.

Together with the State Special Communications Service and the Army of Drones, the Ministry of Digital Transformation is sending 606 drones to the frontline:

  • 150 Mavic 3E copters,
  • 423 Matrice copters,
  • 5 Leleka complexes (3 UAVs in one complex),
  • 18 Kazhan copters.

Fedorov and the drones

What drones can do

423 Matrice copters will allow to locate the most camouflaged positions of the Russians and quickly transmit information to the artillery. 150 Mavic drones will help the military detect equipment and movements of the Russians and adjust strikes on their positions.

18 Kazhan attack drones will allow the Defense Forces to work effectively at night. The drones have a camera with a thermal imager and can accelerate up to 120 km per hour, so it is virtually impossible for Russians to shoot them down.

5 Leleka reconnaissance complexes (3 UAVs in one complex) will help to fly unnoticed into the enemy’s rear to find out information about every move.

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