Diia is being prepared for implementation in Ecuador

Diia is being prepared for implementation in Ecuador

Ukraine is setting the trend for digitalization around the world. The experience of building a digital state is unique and interesting for other countries.

With the support of USAID and the USAID/UK aid project Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS), the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a pilot project to disseminate the best digital solutions and experience in implementing the Diia.

Cooperation with Ecuador

Last December, during the Diia Summit, USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced a new stage of cooperation: Ecuador became the next country with which the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and USAID began negotiations on the implementation of Ukraine’s digital transformation experience and, in particular, Diia.

This year, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with Ecuador, and the opening phase was carried out and completed.

“Governments around the world face the same digital challenges, so our unique experience in building a digital state is of interest to many countries. We are grateful for the support of USAID, which allows us to spread the Ukrainian success story – Diia – and share our best practices,” says Deputy Minister Valeria Ionan.

The team has prepared a Discovery Report for its Ecuadorian colleagues, which describes in detail the findings and proposals. Further joint work is planned.


What was done

  • The Ministry of Digital Transformation conducted a study of government digital platforms, available digital services, mobile banking tools, Internet access, and the number of smartphone users in Ecuador.
  • The team interviewed key government officials and other stakeholders to understand the country’s specific e-government needs.
  • Access to state electronic services was analyzed with further proposals for authorization.
  • Specific solutions for the implementation of the two services/documents are proposed, using the Project’s experience.
  • Evaluated the possibility of data exchange between registries for selected digital services/documents.
  • Analyzed the user’s path to digital documents/services in the app.

Next steps

The next step is to discuss and plan the next steps based on the report. One option is to create an MVP application based on the recommendations.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation together with USAID will continue to work with the Government of Ecuador to identify further joint projects in the field of digitalization.


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