CyberBionic will conduct online training in Python for beginners


On April 9 and 12, CyberBionic Systematics will hold a free two-day online training for beginners called Python: Quick Start.

Python is a universal programming language that is successfully used by both BackEnd web developers and testers, as well as DevOps specialists, game developers, data scientists, etc. At the same time, it is considered to be very easy to learn and is often advised to beginners in IT.

  • How to take the first steps in Python, which opens the door to various IT fields?
  • How do you know if it’s your thing or if you like it?
  • Or can you?

You’ll get answers to these questions at a free two-day online training for beginners on April 9 and 12.

How will the training take place?

The training program consists of two sessions that will be held in the format of live online webinars. A special Telegram chat will be created for communication, questions and answers. After the class, you will receive practical assignments for deeper learning.

Training program:

  1. The basics of the PyCharm IDE for Python development.
  2. Basic constructs of the Python programming language.
  3. Basic knowledge of writing clean code in Python.
  4. Working with files in Python.
  5. Writing a console application that will be able to “clean the file dump” – the Downloaded folder on your PC.

Ментор – Костянтин Зівенко, Python BackEnd Developer у проєкті


Mentor: Konstantin Zivenko, Python BackEnd Developer at This is a startup from the United States with Ukrainian roots.

Konstantin is a classic example of a world-class executive: he received three degrees in engineering (radio engineering), economics (banking), and technology (food chemistry: nutrition and food safety); he taught at universities and later worked as a manager in large companies (the maximum number of employees was about 10,000).

A few years ago, I decided to completely change my life – to switch to remote work and live at the foot of the mountains by the sea. He remembered math, learned English, and started learning Python. Now Konstantin lives in Montenegro.


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